Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun with dominoes

Have you ever thought of using dominoes for anything else than playing the game? Uzair doesn't actually enjoy the official 'game of dominoes'. What he loves to do instead is to use dominoes for creating his own special art projects. Take a look at his latest one - a dominoes space ship ready to lounch into space.

Our very own green onions

Sometime at the end of 2009, Uzair noticed that onions in Mamma's kitchen are starting to get some green little shoots. He got very excited, because it meant that Mamma would let him take one for growing his very own green onions. Uzair took from the plates cabinet a small dish, poured into it some water and put the onion into this water in such a manner, that the green shoots were on the top of the onion. He kept on chaning the water of onion daily and taking it outside for some hours of sun every morning (our house is a quite shadowy one).

After a few days, we noticed that the green shoots are starting to grow! Through Uzair's persistent care, in about a month's time, these small shoots developed into beautifully long green onions. What a pleasure it was for both Uzair and Hafsa to eat them!!! Nothing tastes better than onions grown with your own hands! :)