Friday, September 20, 2013

Unusual Dawah project

Through our trips to Latvia and his encounters with non-Muslims, already for quite a while Uzair has been concerned about inviting people towards Islam. And, of course, it is only a natural wish that he would want to see all the people he truly cares about as Muslims.

Recently, he has been inspired by a popular non-Muslim personality and wishing very much that he would also become Muslim. As he expressed this his wish, we sat down to think of ways to invite this person towards Islam. Mamma mentioned how the Prophet (sa) used to send letters to distant people for inviting them to Islam. So we decided that Uzair would also write a letter to him, pointing out the advantages of Islam and why that his favourite personality should become a Muslim - and Uzair did that. Then, we looked in our bookshelf for a small book, which would explain all the basics of Islamic teachings, photocopied it and included it along with Uzair's letter. Next, we searched online the postal fan-mail address of this person (we could not find his email) and mailed it to him, along with our Duas that he would receive this letter, read it and think about what Uzair has written. If you have read this post, please, make a Dua for this person as well - Uzair will be very thankful to you!