Friday, January 27, 2012

No wood carpentry

Don't trow away in garbage that fridge packing, after it gets delivered to your house! With some tips from Uzair, it can become a great resource for unleashing your creativity. First of all, all kids love boxes - to climb inside them, make a secret hiding place, invite friends for a party... etc., etc. Second - that white puffy stuff also can be put to great use. Uzair took a saw, hammer and some old nails and screws (which he used as nails as well) and made quite many great playthings! Who said that carpentry work cannot be done without wood? Enjoy the pictures and think of your own ideas. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Axes of ancient celts

As we were studying about the ancient Celtic warriors, our history book offered us a great craft – to make our own versions of the axes the warriors were using for fighting in those times. So we did – and they came out pretty good. When the lesson and activity were done, Uzair and Hafsa put their new axes to use – in drawing room, they created their own version of a war-field with different obstacles to tackle and put up a real war scene.