Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football the Pakistani-style

Just as the world football chempionship started, Uzair took keen interest in football. Now finally he's trying to play the ball we brought back from Latvia as a gift from mamma's sister. The story of the ball is also a quite unique one - when mamma's sister and her husband bought the ball and got back to the car, suddenly her husband started to laugh really heartily. Upon examining the ball, he had found out that although it had "LATVIA" written on it, it had come all the way from Pakistan, where it was made! So the ball just ended up travelling across the world one more time all the way back to its country of origin.

In the afternoon, Uzair went to play outside the gate with his football. Not long after, he came to mamma and asked for her help because his ball had stuck up somewhere. When mamma came out, to her great astonishment, she found the ball right in the middle of the huge cactus-tree in front of the gate!!! How in the world did it end up there??? Only Uzair knows. :)

Making roti

When in the evening mamma heads for kitchen to cook roti, both Uzair and Hafsa are eager to join in and make their own rotis. Mamma has to admit that their work is really good, because their rotis even blow up on tawwah, indicating a skillful craftmanship of rolling! Even more, they are experts not only in cooking rotis but even in making their own sweet parathas!

This time, Hafsa has got the spotlight of photo-session, while she is rolling her roti. She is using her toy roller, which is just perfect for her size. Dough is real, though, and will be cooked, after she finishes working on it. Before the dough gets to the tawwah, it goes through a myriad of different shapes in Hafsa's hands - but that's all a part of the 'serious' work session for creating her own roti.

Catch the fly!

Uzair and Hafsa are always full of ideas for inventing their own games. Mamma has even lost track of all the names they give to their games. Today, they came up with yet another new one - catching flies on carporch with their toy buckets. The trick is to approach the fly sitting on the ground slowly, slowly and then quickly put the bucket over it. They spent a good hour today busy in this new fun game! :) All that was left for mamma amidst their happy laughter was to feel sorry for the poor flies...