Friday, May 28, 2010

Reading for fun

When his class three study books got over, Uzair started to look for things to do in the mornings, while Hafsa was working on completing her study books with mamma. He looked through the Oxford readers we had not read yet and decided that he would read one all by himself. It was not easy to pick a book, so mamma suggested that he should give a try to "Sherlock Holmes" stories, which was what Uzair did.
As he started reading the book, he got so very carried away by the mystery stories that he just couldn't stop reading. Even his new rollerblades couldn't make him put the book down. Instead, he kept on reading it, as he skated around the table.
When the lunchtime came, the book came along with him to the dining table, and mamma had to say a few stronger words to convince him that this was not such a good idea after all.
Uzair finished the entire book in a matter of a couple days. Then, since the book had been so very great, he decided to gift it to his friends - Atefa aunty's boys - so that they could also enjoy the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Insights into rats' diet

One morning, our mamma came back from kitchen excited to tell us some new things she had just discovered. She said that she found in the kitchen some signs of a rat's visit! Interestingly enough, it seemed that the rat had been a desperately hungry one, as it had snacked on our soap, which we keep in kitchen for washing hands. Mamma showed us the tiny marks of rat's teeth on the soap. We kept on wondering, if the poor animal survived after such a soapy breakfast...

Later on, when mamma started to look through the dishes in the kitchen, she noticed that the rat had snacked also on the side of her wodden cooking spoon. Can you believe that? Why in the world would it want to eat THAT??? May be there was still some smell (or taste) of food in it? What do you think?
All in all, we concluded that in hunger rats are ready to go for anything, which comes in their sight. We just hope that they don't reach us in our bedroom, when we sleep!!!