Sunday, September 9, 2012

Allah (swt) made us all

Asma doesn't stop to surprise us with the wonderful intelligence Allah (swt) has granted her at her young baby age. Truly, Allah (swt) is our Creator and bestows on us a natural yearning to follow Him.

Yesterday, Mamma was making tea in the kitchen. We do have now one of our uncles (Moin Chacha) living with us in a separate portion of our home, which we access through a separate door. When tea was ready, Mamma said: "Let's give tea to Moin Chacha." On hearing this, Asma disappeared from kitchen and came back carrying from room Mamma's big Chadar, which she uses for covering herself, when passing on something to Moin Chacha. We were so taken aback by her intelligence! Asma is just 1,7 yrs old but already has understood the basic guidelines Muslim ladies have for covering themselves. :)

Likewise, it is enough for us to say to Asma: "Let's pray," and she goes off bringing to us the prayer mats and the prayer clothes Mamma uses when she prays. Asma herself also loves to do her 'prayers' along with us, following us in every position as we do it. And very often, she loves to do some mischief as well - to disturb us in a thousand creative ways, when we do our prayers. :)