Monday, January 14, 2013

Peanut art

We love the cool and mild winters of Karachi and all the local winter joys that come along with it: chicken-corn soup, dried fruits, kastoori milk, cofee, coffee, coffee. One of our family's favourite winter snacks is baked in hot sand peanuts. As we shell them, feeling their warmth at our fingertips, the entire room fills with an absolutely delicious fragrance! Even Asma (almost 2 yrs) insists on shelling her own peanuts, while Uzair has come up with a creative artistic expression - he breaks the peanut shells into perfect halves, which he then arranges into a house formation.

Unlike the rest of us, who eat as we shell them, Uzair saves his peanuts for later - enjoying them nearly all at once in a big mouthful. As you can see below, our piles of peanut shells stand nowhere close to Uzair's careful arrangement. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cleaning the peas

Winter is the season of fresh green peas in Karachi. We buy them in kgs, clean them and freeze them for use in the summer months. The cleaning is usually a group type of activity, although not a very popular one, since sitting for prolonged periods of time at one place is considered as punishment by kids. :) This year, Asma (not 2 yrs yet) has also joined the peas-cleaning-team and with very serious efforts, does her best to help us. Amazingly, her tiny fingers are doing excellent work. :)