Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's the season for teeth to fall...

As Uzair was about to turn eight, his upper front teeth finally decided to leave him. For a long time, he had been very excited about his brand-new four downside front teeth and couldn't wait for the upper ones to go. Many of his friends had already got their new teeth, so he couldn't understand, why his ones are not coming yet.

Finally, Uzair had the pleasure of pulling out his own teeth. Nobody else was allowed to do this, as it was an extra important 'business'. He kept three of his upperside teeth in a small box, where they are still today (which is after a couple of months!). Mamma had to explain to him that teeth-fairies live only in cartoons and that no money will appear under his pillow, if he leaves his tooth there over night, and no money-tree will grow, if he plants it in the soil along with plants on the car-porch. He was a bit dissappointed to hear it, but accepted it as the harsh reality of his life - no money for falling teeth.

A few months earlier, when Uzair had been to dentist for fixing some cavities in his teeth, he had to take x-ray of his teeth. Already at that time, we were examining the x-ray and trying to guess, which of the new teeth (then inside the gums) would come out first. Now Hafsa is all excited to wait for the time, when her milk teeth will begin to fall out!