Friday, June 8, 2012

Karachi spring

One lazy afternoon, Uzair was complaining of nothing to do. So Mom decided to send him on a secret mission. She gave him a camera and told to go outside in our lane to take photos of all the spring flowers he manages to find. Here you can see what he came up with.

The solar system model

We really enjoyed reading "Space Explorers" book from "The Magic School Bus" series and learned a lot about the planets of the solar system. We made a project of our own solar system, as close in size and color to the actual planets as we could. This one in made by Hafsa.

The project: recyclable A4 paper mashed into balls and painted by water colours, cover of a pizza box.

The shoes age

Yep, Asma has reached "the shoes age" - that bugging curiosity of fitting her little feet into any shoes she spots around the home.

Little gardener

As Asma's getting more and more mobile, she's also becoming increasingly interested in plants and all other things out there behind the door of the home. Hafsa was spraying the leaves of plants in our car-porch - Asma insisted she needed to have a try of it.

Plague doctor project

As we were reading about the plague of the Middle Ages, which killed nearly a third of population in Europe, we did an art project. Medieval plague doctors used to wear these type of masks, believing that the masks would protect them from getting sick - how about that? At that time, they didn't know that the disease was being carried around by rats and transferred to humans by flees.