Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pictures on the pavement

Did you know that the pavement in front of your gate can be a good space for kids to draw? Well, at least Uzair and Hafsa definitely think so. One day, they just took their sets of crayons (oil pastels) and started the work. As they were working on their projects, they even got some encouraging words from the "upperside aunties' that they were doing really well. :)

First printing!

This morning was a very special one for Uzair. He ran out to pick up the newspapers from the carporch and was very happy and proud to announce to all of us that "Dawn's" "Young World" magazine has printed the painting he sent in for the arts section! Here below you can see Uzair with the "Young World" as well as a copy of his painting. We hope and pray that this first success will enocurage Uzair to work even harder on developing his artistic side!