Saturday, December 31, 2011

HibaKidz creative writing workshop

At the end of December, Uzair had the opportunity to attend a week long creative writing workshop titled “From Planning to Publishing” organized by “Hiba” magazine's children’s addition “HibaKidz”. Aunty Ruhaifa, the leader of the workshop, taught children all kinds of tips and tricks for creating successful stories. As part of the workshop, all kids had to write their own stories and work on perfecting them in the course of the workshop. Uzair’s story was titled “The Adventure of the Stolen Berries” – he has submitted it for “HibaKidz” organized competition of stories. We wish for Uzair best of luck in the competition and will post update on the results, insha'Allah. At the end of the workshop, Uzair received the award for “The Best Effort”, Alhamdulillah.